Certification Rebate for

Professional Scrum Master I

Congratulations for achieving your Scrum.org Professional Scrum Master I certification. Your certification proves that you understand Scrum as described in the Scrum Guide and can apply it in your next scrum team.

So how about that $100 rebate?

Since September 2019, Customery has been offering a $100 rebate to Customery Academy students that have completed the Scrum for Microsoft Business Apps course and passed their PSM I certification.

Here’s how it works:

1. Join the Professional pricing plan

The offer is only available to Customery Academy students in the Professional pricing plan of the Scrum for Microsoft Business Apps course. It’s not available to students in the Basic or Team plans, or to anyone who isn’t a Customery Academy student.

2. Complete the course

You have to have completed the course (by marking all the lessons as complete and triggering your course completion certification) before achieving PSM I certification. And you have to achieve PSM I certification within 12 months of completing the course.

3. Celebrate on LinkedIn

Transparency is a key value of Scrum, so I’ll level with you. The real reason I offer a certification rebate is because it’s a great source of referrals. To claim your certification rebate:

4. Claim your rebate

Send a email to scrum@customery.com.

Let me know your preferred payment method:

  • PayPal - let me know your PayPal email address

  • TransferWise bank transfer - TransferWise will request your bank details