Want to implement Microsoft Dynamics 365
faster, with fewer risks and a smaller budget?

And have way more fun while you’re at it?

I’ll show you how.


My mission is to help every Microsoft customer and partner use the Scrum framework to successfully implement Microsoft Dynamics 365.

Scrum is a simple framework. But the jargon can be a little confusing at first.

I want to help you out so I compiled a handy cheat sheet of Scrum terms and how they apply to Dynamics 365 projects. I’ll help you demystify the Scrum framework from A to Z.


Did you ever try to write the perfect requirements specification or project plan for your Microsoft Dynamics 365 project?

I did. For nearly ten years.

Then I started using Scrum.


Neil Benson
6 August 2018. Brisbane, Australia.

In 2008, I was working for Debbie, my project sponsor, on a Dynamics CRM project.

We had just finished the Analysis phase of a traditional SureStep project by publishing a 600 pages requirements specification. But it was too vague, contained too much jargon, requirements were missing, and it was too long.

Debbie wanted to regularly review prototypes and didn't want to wait 18 months for the first release into production.

So we switched to Scrum. The project was even more successful than expected and we had a blast working on it.

I love the results that Scrum has delivered for my clients and my teams.

My Introduction to Scrum for Dynamics 365 online course is designed to familiarise you with the Scrum framework so that you can apply Scrum to your next Dynamics 365 project and pass the Scrum.org Professional Scrum Master I certification assessment.

The course includes over three hours of videos including case studies from my Dynamics projects. It costs a fraction of generic two-day, classroom-based Scrum courses. And it has been successfully taken by hundreds of Dynamics 365 project managers, consultants and team members worldwide. Dynamics practitioners just like you.