Private Scrum Coaching Workshops

Leading a Scrum team to deliver Microsoft Business Applications can be a challenge. Especially if it’s your first time. Even if you’ve already delivered a couple of Scrum projects, you might have questions about how to optimise your team’s performance, scale out Scrum across your practice, or ensure your client’s stakeholders join you on your Scrum journey.


I can help.

I faced the same challenges as you ten years ago when I set out to implement Microsoft Dynamics CRM for the first time using Scrum.

Since then I’ve pitched and successfully sold Dynamics 365 projects and the Scrum framework to clients in several different industries.

The consultants in my practice have become certified in Scrum and formed high-performing teams that delivered amazing outcomes for their clients.

How to to arrange a private Scrum coaching workshop

Arranging a workshop is simple:

  1. Let me know the biggest challenge you’re currently facing.

  2. We’ll schedule a quick call to set up the coaching workshop.

  3. The workshop will be conducted via Zoom at a convenient time for you. Your team is welcome to join.

  4. I’ll follow-up with an action plan that you can execute.