Scrum Dynamics 21 - Azure DevOps with Mark Christie

In Scrum Dynamics episode 21, I discuss Azure DevOps with the Mark Christie. Mark’s a Dynamics 365 Field Service specialist from Perth, Scotland. He’s also an instigator of the Dynamics 365 Saturday Scotland event on 26 January and the D365 User Group in Scotland, which is meeting in Edinburgh on 28 February.

Make sure you catch this episode as we chat about the forecasting, wiki, scheduling and task management features of Azure DevOps for Dynamics 365 projects.

And see how many times you can catch us out for forgetting the new name. I think Mark even refers to it as Visual SourceSafe at one point. Microsoft and their product names, hey?

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What's your favourite Dynamics 365 element?

Hey Customery Insiders, I’ve compiled a Periodic Table of the Elements for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement. It’s 118 of my favourite apps and sites that I wanted to compile and share.

(This is about as close as I’ve ever come to putting my biochemistry degree to good use in my career!)

Download your clickable PDF version and let me know your favourite element or let me know if I missed any.

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Scrum Dynamics 20 - Scrum in Public Sector with Seth Bacon

In Scrum Dynamics podcast episode 20, I catch up with Seth Bacon from RSM in Seattle.

  • What’s the best way to handle a committee of product owners?

  • Do you let your clients access your requirements management system?

  • How do you handle client resources, especially testers, in your development team?

  • How to you estimate and plan Dynamics 365 projects using Scrum?

We discuss all this and more in episode 20.

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Scrum Dynamics 19 - Optimising Scrum Teams

This is Scrum Dynamics episode 19, sponsored by Kingswaysoft. In this episode, Dermot and I discuss how to optimise Scrum teams on a Dynamics 365 project.

Todd Mercer, from MD Financial Management in Ottawa Canada, asks “What to do motivate a team to operate at peak capacity for a long period of time? For enterprises that can’t afford a dedicated product owner or scrum master, what roles do you see pair up on part-time basis?”

Do you have a question for the Scrum Dynamics podcast? Visit and click on the Send Voicemail button to have your question feature on the show.

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Scrum Dynamics 18 - Successfully Implementing Dynamics 365 Using Scrum

I recently presented a live session on YouTube for the Dynamics 365 Community Corner. I recorded a special version of my presentation for the Scrum Dynamics podcast. In this episode, I cover:

  1. How Scrum applies to Dynamics 365 projects

  2. How to explain Scrum in 5 minutes

  3. The benefits of Scrum for Dynamics 365 customers and project teams

  4. 26 expert tips for succeeding with Scrum

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