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Scrum Dynamics 20 - Scrum in Public Sector with Seth Bacon

In Scrum Dynamics podcast episode 20, I catch up with Seth Bacon from RSM in Seattle.

  • What’s the best way to handle a committee of product owners?

  • Do you let your clients access your requirements management system?

  • How do you handle client resources, especially testers, in your development team?

  • How to you estimate and plan Dynamics 365 projects using Scrum?

We discuss all this and more in episode 20.

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Estimating Dynamics 365 User Stories with Planning Poker

Planning poker is a team game for estimating work. It's often used by Scrum teams during backlog refinement workshops or sprint planning to estimate the size of product backlog items. In my Dynamics 365 projects, we play planning poker to estimate the complexity of our epics, user stories, chores, bugs and spikes.

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Scrum Dynamics 8 - Listeners' Questions

In episode 8, Dermot and Neil answer podcast listeners questions about estimating technical debt, proiritizing dependent stories, emergent design, business analysts as part of the development team, and planning Scrum projects during the sales cycle.

This episode is sponsored by the D365UG. Find out how you can win a complimentary ticket to the D365UG Summit in Phoenix.

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