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Scrum Dynamics 19 - Optimising Scrum Teams

This is Scrum Dynamics episode 19, sponsored by Kingswaysoft. In this episode, Dermot and I discuss how to optimise Scrum teams on a Dynamics 365 project.

Todd Mercer, from MD Financial Management in Ottawa Canada, asks “What to do motivate a team to operate at peak capacity for a long period of time? For enterprises that can’t afford a dedicated product owner or scrum master, what roles do you see pair up on part-time basis?”

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Scrum Dynamics 8 - Listeners' Questions

In episode 8, Dermot and Neil answer podcast listeners questions about estimating technical debt, proiritizing dependent stories, emergent design, business analysts as part of the development team, and planning Scrum projects during the sales cycle.

This episode is sponsored by the D365UG. Find out how you can win a complimentary ticket to the D365UG Summit in Phoenix.

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