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Scrum Dynamics 10 - The Product Backlog

My house is over 100 years old. It’s known as a Queenslander because it’s built from weatherboard timber, it’s got a corrugated steel roof, wide verandas, shaded windows and high ceilings. We loved it when we bought it but it’s been moved, raised, flooded, extended and today a family of possum live in the roof. So my wife has a to-do list of repairs and enhancements she’d like to make — well, she’d like me to make. Small things, like oiling the squeaky door to my studio, and bigger stuff, like re-modelling the kitchen.

She’s the product owner. I’m the dev team. And that to-do list is our product backlog.

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Estimating Dynamics 365 User Stories with Planning Poker

Planning poker is a team game for estimating work. It's often used by Scrum teams during backlog refinement workshops or sprint planning to estimate the size of product backlog items. In my Dynamics 365 projects, we play planning poker to estimate the complexity of our epics, user stories, chores, bugs and spikes.

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Scrum Dynamics 9 - Nick Doelman

In episode 9 of the Scrum Dynamics podcast, I interview Microsoft MVP Nick Doelman about his adoption of the Scrum framework for a large Dynamics 365 project in Canada. Hear how Nick was able to learn Scrum with just a little online training and lead his team to deliver a successful project for his client.

I also got to find out the origin story behind Nick’s @ReadyXRM handle on Twitter…

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Scrum Dynamics 7 - Sprints and the Daily Scrum

In this podcast episode, Dermot and I discuss sprints and the daily scrum events in a Scrum project. 

  • What's the ideal sprint length when you're using Scrum on a Dynamics 365 project?

  • When is it a good idea to use special sprints like Sprint 0 or a hardening sprint?

  • Can you cancel a sprint?

  • What's the purpose of the daily scrum?

  • How can we run the daily scrum with remote teams?

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Scrum Dynamics 5 - Success with Scrum from Dynamics 365 User Group Summit EMEA

I recorded Scrum Dynamics episode 5 from the Dynamics 365 User Group Summit EMEA from my presentation ‘Success with Scrum for Dynamics 365’. In this presentation I share best practices from my Scrum projects implementing Dynamics CRM and 365 over the last ten years and share a case studey of my first project at Premier Medical Group.

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