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Dynamics 365 Story Maps for Release Planning

With a Dynamics 365 roadmap, your stakeholders will be able to visualise your Dynamics 365 project's scope, timeline, resources and costs in a single, simple chart. Roadmaps can be produced in a couple of hours for small projects, and quickly updated after each release. In this article, you’ll learn how to produce a Dynamics 365 roadmap in a fraction of the time taken to produce a traditional project plan.

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Scrum Dynamics 10 - The Product Backlog

My house is over 100 years old. It’s known as a Queenslander because it’s built from weatherboard timber, it’s got a corrugated steel roof, wide verandas, shaded windows and high ceilings. We loved it when we bought it but it’s been moved, raised, flooded, extended and today a family of possum live in the roof. So my wife has a to-do list of repairs and enhancements she’d like to make — well, she’d like me to make. Small things, like oiling the squeaky door to my studio, and bigger stuff, like re-modelling the kitchen.

She’s the product owner. I’m the dev team. And that to-do list is our product backlog.

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