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Scrum Dynamics 12 - The Sprint Backlog

Dermot’s back for Scrum Dynamics episode 12. In this episode, sponsored by Maplytics, Dermot and I discuss the sprint backlog for Dynamics 365 projects. Who owns it? Can it be updated during the sprint? How do you manage it — do you use a tool like Visual Studio Team Services or a physical board? How do you use velocity to forecast how much work to include in your sprint backlog? What happens if you don’t complete all the work by the end of the sprint.

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Scrum Dynamics 10 - The Product Backlog

My house is over 100 years old. It’s known as a Queenslander because it’s built from weatherboard timber, it’s got a corrugated steel roof, wide verandas, shaded windows and high ceilings. We loved it when we bought it but it’s been moved, raised, flooded, extended and today a family of possum live in the roof. So my wife has a to-do list of repairs and enhancements she’d like to make — well, she’d like me to make. Small things, like oiling the squeaky door to my studio, and bigger stuff, like re-modelling the kitchen.

She’s the product owner. I’m the dev team. And that to-do list is our product backlog.

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