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Scrum Dynamics 7 - Sprints and the Daily Scrum

In this podcast episode, Dermot and I discuss sprints and the daily scrum events in a Scrum project. 

  • What's the ideal sprint length when you're using Scrum on a Dynamics 365 project?

  • When is it a good idea to use special sprints like Sprint 0 or a hardening sprint?

  • Can you cancel a sprint?

  • What's the purpose of the daily scrum?

  • How can we run the daily scrum with remote teams?

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Scrum Dynamics 5 - Success with Scrum from Dynamics 365 User Group Summit EMEA

I recorded Scrum Dynamics episode 5 from the Dynamics 365 User Group Summit EMEA from my presentation ‘Success with Scrum for Dynamics 365’. In this presentation I share best practices from my Scrum projects implementing Dynamics CRM and 365 over the last ten years and share a case studey of my first project at Premier Medical Group.

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