What's your favourite Dynamics 365 element?


There are hundreds of parts to the Dynamics 365 Customer engagement ecosystem. Do you ever have a hard time tracking what’s important? What’s new? What’s worth learning? What’s worth evaluating as part of your project’s solution architecture?

I’ve compiled a clickable chart with 118 of my favourites and arranged them into the Periodic Table of the Elements for Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement.


The elements are arranged into 11 groups:

  1. Agile framework – a lightweight, fundamental element in every project!

  2. Power Platform – six of the fundamental elements of the Power Platform.

  3. Office 365 Apps – six of the Office 365 elements that integrate with Customer Engagement. Note that the Dynamics 365 app for Outlook is element 118.

  4. Dynamics 365 Training – six places we should be familiar with for Dynamics 365 training content.

  5. Azure Services – 15 services from the Azure portfolio that we might consider using in our Customer Engagement projects.

  6. Dynamics 365 ISV Apps – 15 third-party ISV apps I’ve recommended in my Dynamics 365 projects. I’m sure there are hundreds more apps and many more yet to be discovered.

  7. Dynamics 365 Community Services – 31 Microsoft and independent community sites and conferences for keeping up-to-date and building your network in the Customer Engagement community.

  8. AppSource Apps by Microsoft – 12 apps available on AppsSource published by Microsoft.

  9. Dynamics 365 Developers Tools – 7 developer tools my teams have used in their projects.

  10. Customer Engagement Apps – 10 of the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement apps. Prior to 2016, there was thought to be only one CRM app but we’ve uncovered lots more since then!

  11. Other Dynamics 365 Apps – 9 other Dynamics 365 apps that Customer Engagement professionals should be familiar with.

What’s your favourite element?

I’d love to know which of the 118 elements is your favourite. Did I miss any that you think you be included?

Let me know in the comments below.