Scrum Dynamics 11 - Estimating Using Planning Poker in Dynamics 365 Projecs

Estimating product backlog items using planning poker is the topic for Scrum Dynamics episode 11. In this episode I cover:

  • The benefits of planning poker: gain a shared understanding of the work, bring diverse perspectives to the estimation process and estimate the work as we learn about the Dynamics 365 system.

  • Who plays planning poker: the role of Scrum team developers, the product owner and proxy product owners in estimation.

  • When to play planning poker during each sprint: sprint planning and storytime.

  • What to play planning poker with: planning poker cards,, or, or ScrumPoker4Devs from the Visual Studio Marketplace.

  • How to play planning poker: describe the requirement, estimate independently, reveal estimations, discuss outliers and play again until a consensus is reached.

  • Things to do before you play: agree your estimation units and scale, baseline user story and definition of done.a