Scrum Dynamics 4 - Scrum Masters


In this episode, Neil and Dermot discuss the role of the scrum master in a Dynamics 365 project.

  • A servant leader

  • Is the scrum master a project manager?

  • The role of the scrum master in sprint events

  • The three questions a scrum master asks during daily standup

  • Project planning

  • Reviews and retrospectives

  • Do Dynamics 365 scrum masters need to be Microsoft certified?

  • Can scrum masters have other scrum team roles such as product owner or developer?

  • What are the characteristics of a good scrum master

  • Techniques that a scrum master should know

  • Can a client provide their own scrum master when the dev team is from a Microsoft partner?

Remember to download the Scrum Terms Worksheet for a handy guide to all the Scrum terms you hear in this episode.