Scrum Dynamics 15 - Listener Questions

Scrum Dynamics episode 15, is a question and answer session hosted by Dermot Ryan and me.

Dermot’s picked up his Professional Scrum Master II and Professional Scrum Product Owner certifications. Good timing, Dermot, because our first question was from Dick Clark at eBECS who has a client who wants to get certified in Scrum.

I have recorded the Scrum Guide as an audio stream on SoundCloud to help Dermot get to sleep at night, and we debate whether holding a Scrum certification or having experience is more important for scrum masters.

Squads, Tribes, Chapters and Guilds. Dermot gives me a primer on the types of groups Scrum teams use to organise themselves as they scale. It might be called the Spotify Model, but not if you ask Spotify.

Joel Lindstrom drops in to admit his Scrum teams have a problem right-sizing stories to fit within a sprint. The response involves splitting the epic user story into vertical slices that can still be demonstrated to the product owner at the end of each sprint even if the feature isn’t ready for release for several sprints.

Dermot also provides me with some advice on helping his new Scrum squads define their definition of ready, definition of done and social contract at the beginning of a new Dynamics 365 project.

What challenges have you had applying Scrum to your Dynamics 365 projects? Get involved in the discussion in the new Scrum for Dynamics 365 group on LinkedIn.